Branding yourself for your next interview

It is all about the way you market yourself.

Think about the process from start to finish.

The start of the process is not your resume or your cover letter.

The start is your marketing…

When was the last time you looked at your LinkedIn account? This is your online resume that recruiters and employers look at as soon as online brandingthey receive your resume. Make sure this is up to date, current and highlights your USP (Unique Selling Point). Sell yourself like you are a unique branded product. You have to know what your unique characteristics are, what sets you apart from your competitors? Highlight your passion and dedication to your industry particularly if you take the time outside of work to study and network within the industry.

Once LinkedIn is sorted, google yourself and see what comes up. You don’t want those awful pictures from the weekend showing up on the internet to a future employer. Make sure your Facebook profile is private and just yours. Restrict your profile to your friends only.

Have a look at your Twitter account, who are you following and how does that represent you? Anyone can look at your profile and people will make snap judgements on what they see.

Once you have got the interview, this is the next step in your personal marketing strategy. Research the company and the job before attending the interview. You want the interviewer to know you have taken the time to research about the organisation.

Think about not what the company can do for you but what you could do for the company.

Think about your previous role and how you affected the bottom line in your department. Make sure you can give anecdotes and specific instances. Come back to your USP and think about your unique characteristics.

Remember that it is everyone that you come in to contact with that can affect the decision the interviewer may make. The receptionist and even concierge may be asked for their opinion of the way you acted and handled yourself.

Arrive at the interview early with your CV and even a business card. You can get business cards printed cheaply online and this would make you stand out from any other candidate they may have seen.

Think about how you come across when you sit, talk and communicate with your interviewer. It all leaves an impression. Think constantly about your USP and how to ensure your marketing yourself in the right way.

Remember throughout the whole process you are creating a brand.

It is you they will want over anyone else because you have the unique skills, you will have created a package and the organisation is investing into the whole brand you have created not just a list of previous roles you have completed on your resume.

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