Benefits of Contracting

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In comparison to permanent employment, contracting is defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary as an employment of irregular period and it is estimated that 35% of Australia’s workforce is now employed on a casual or contract basis. Why wouldn’t you consider contracting when it offers the following benefits…

Competitive rates $$$

Opens doors – Contracting gives you the opportunity and flexibility to target your dream job or organisation, showcase your skills and align continued work without the need to apply permanently.

New skills – Exposure to a broader range of responsibilities, best practices, environments, and cultures will give constant stimulation along with invaluable and specialist experience attractive to any prospective employer.

Temporary work – Gives you greater control over your work life balance allowing the freedom to choose when you work with short term opportunities available and the flexibility for time off between contracts.

Referrals – Quay Appointments is a company that rewards talent. If you refer a successful candidate who works more than 4 weeks you will be the lucky recipient of 2 cinema tickets.

Agency – Job hunting can be a daunting process. Take the stress out of securing your next role by utilising agency networks, expertise and advice to compliment your search.

Change in career – For those looking to diversify, contracting focuses on core competencies and transferable skills aiding in transfer to a new sector.

Try before you buy – Contracting allows you to explore a position, company and its culture assessing the fit and can even lead to permanency.

Immediate start – Speedy turnarounds and streamlined processes can allow candidates to secure their dream job in a matter of days.

Networking – Building relationships across your preferred sector will help to affirm your reputation as an expert and can accelerate progression in your field.

Government contracts – If interested in how Quay Appointments can assist with your next government contract please call us today on 82570500.

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