8 Survival tips for your Christmas Party

We have just had our office Christmas Party and I can say that at Quay Appointments we are a very well behaved bunch. None of these occurred during the function. However everyone has heard of a few horror stories at an office party. With this in mind we thought it would be great to put together some survival tips.

drunk at work

  1. Don’t get Drunk

You are still at work, the free alcohol may seem like a great idea but turning yourself into the office gossip is not a plan. Some companies do have policies in place about drinking during events; make yourself aware of these before the event.




  1. Dress Appropriately

Again you are still at work. Do not have anything on show that you wouldn’t in the office. Some Christmas parties do have themes, play it safe with your choice “but a pink lycra suit would fit the theme so well” I hear you all cry…trust that no-one should wear this particularly at the office party.

fancy you

  1. “I fancy the pants off you”

After a few wines it can be easy to get up that courage and finally tell the cute guy sitting down the other end of the office how you really feel…now is not the time. You will regret that on Monday morning.






  1. Don’t bring an un-invited plus 1

This can be awkward for all involved. If it is a plus 1 event then add a plus one and make sure the party organiser knows about this. There is nothing worse for an event organiser to have to add additional people, change seating plans and add additional food. By all means bring your new fancy piece to the after drinks…you are no longer at a work event then and no longer bound by work policies.

Not on Facebook

  1. “That is NOT going on Facebook”

It is always import to remember that your company will have a social media policy. Most of the time these policies will include a clause about what you can and cannot put on the internet to do with the company you work for. Remember that most social platforms are public platforms, check with those involves to find out if they are happy and check that policy!



  1. Network

The Christmas party is a great way to get to know the people not in your immediate department. Make sure you make an effort to talk to those that you would not usually speak to. You might find out some very interesting things about people and their jobs.

  1. Don’t talk work

Talk personal topics, get to know people. Steer clear of work topics.

  1. Remember the reason for an office party

The reason your management throw an office party is to thank-you for all your hard work. They do not have to throw a Christmas party. Just remember that when you are downing all that free booze and eating all that free food.

thank you

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