Why Coffee is Good For You and the Different Types of Coffee.


Coffee, dating back to 800 BC in Ethiopia in a province called Kaffa, is the staple of many office workers’ diets.

These days we are normally hear what’s not good to consume, why we should cut out certain food groups and what is damaging your temple that is your body. Sound familiar?

This time you are going to hear it from a different perspective, someone who was not only a barrister for 3 years but also an officer worker who utilises the benefits of coffee to be more productive and successful at work.

Before I start I would like to emphasise the “everything in moderation” rule. As the chart below displays, there can be too much of a good thing.

Too much coffee can dehydrate your body and result in an inability to focus.


Moving forward, coffee can increase your intelligence. Yes, you heard it here first. Caffeine which is an ingredient in coffee stimulates the adenosine receptors in the brain, improving your reaction time, memory, vigilance and other cognitive functions.

Coffee can help you to kick start your metabolism. As many of us in spend time sitting at a desk or in a meeting room, our activity levels would be much lower than others who might spend their time outside working in a labouring or more physically demanding job.

Following on from the earlier point of coffee improving your memory, it can also reduce the chance of Alzheimer’s. Being the most common neurodegenerative disorder in the world, it is something that many of us have come into contact with. It is no coincidence that coffee drinkers have 60% lower chance of suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Coffee types:

If you are only just getting into coffee, then perhaps you haven’t discovered the joy in finding, “the one”, that coffee that has a perfect amount of kick, but not too bitter, with an element of sweetness without feel like your drinking a can of soft drink.

Ultimately everyone has different taste buds so the right drink is a trial an error. However see the chart below to make a more educated guess on how to tinker the beverage to your taste.

Cappuccino This is generally the first drink people will have when first trying a coffee. It has a large frothy layer coated in chocolate. People with a sweet tooth will enjoy this beverage
Flat White Do you enjoy a glass of milk? Then this is the best choice for you. It has minimal froth and is more bitter than its counterpart the Cappuccino. People who drink instant, white coffee at home will take a liking to this drink
Espresso/Short Black A simple shot of coffee without the milk. If you stayed up late watching your favourite TV show or completing those reports, this will be sure to wake you up and have you ready for work on less than ideal amount of sleep.
Macchiato This perhaps less well known beverage contains shot of coffee, with a spoonful of froth to reduce the bitterness. You will get the same caffeine hit as an espresso; however you won’t have the sharp bitterness of the short black.
Long Black A shot of coffee filled with hot boiling water to the brim.  If you are not one for vibrant flavours and would like something a bit more plain, this is your drink. Word of warning; ask for a double cup, your hand will thank you later when it isn’t burnt.


Now you are well learned in the art of coffee. So the next time you hear “Your having another coffee?” or “you shouldn’t be drinking that” you’ll have a retort.

Best of luck on your search for “the one”, if you ever need any advice on the type of beverage or how to tinker your current coffee more to your liking you can reach me at:ben.niejalke@quayappointments.com.au

If you see me in the street, I drink a double shot Macchiato. Stay tuned for information on the variety of beans and how they can affect the flavour of coffee.

Ben Niejalke Recruitment Consultant

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