Common interview mistakes & how to avoid them!



Common interview mistakes & how to avoid them!


Congratulations, you’ve impressed with your application and landed a job interview. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned professional, when it comes to job interviews it’s surprisingly easy to trip yourself up.

Interviews are often the first chance you get to come face-to-face with potential employers, so it’s important that you make yourself memorable for the right reasons. However, with other talented candidates up for the role this can sometimes be a challenge.

Here’s how to nail your interview and avoid those common mistakes:

1. Turning up late

Work out exactly where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. If you can, do a practice run. On the day, allow yourself 30 minutes extra for traffic problems or delays. If for some reason, you’re running late, call your interviewer to let them know.

2. Inappropriate clothing

What’s appropriate varies depending on the job you’re going for, so try asking someone who works in the same industry. If you’re still not sure, go for something more formal – a suit or dark trousers/skirt with a smart shirt or top. Never wear casual clothing to an interview! It doesn’t give employers the right impression.

3. Failing to do your research

A lack of research into either the company or the role will leave you feeling unprepared. You need to know your CV inside out. If it’s a competency-based interview, make sure you’ve prepared relevant examples. Research the employer, go over the job description and take notes on how your skills and strengths match up.

4. Criticising a current or previous employer

It’s fine to talk about what you would like to achieve and why this may not be possible in your current job, but never bad-mouth a current or previous employer. It could give your interviewer the impression you’re difficult to work with.

5. Not asking any questions

Asking a few questions towards the end of the interview shows you’re confident, thoughtful and interested in the position. Some good fall-back options are asking what kind of training opportunities the employer offers, what the workplace culture is like or what career opportunities are available.

Follow these 5-easy steps and be the best version of yourself and you will soon bag that dream job you have been hoping for.


Steffi Miller Recruitment Consultant.

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