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Blind Recruitment

In recent months there has been growing conversation around “blind recruitment”. Research from the Australian National University shows that people from culturally diverse backgrounds with the same qualifications and experience, often have to submit many more job applications to get as many interviews as an applicant with an Anglo-Saxon sounding name, an Indigenous person must submit … Read more

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How to avoid employing a workplace bully ?

At Quay Appointments’ last networking seminar last week, Keryl Egan clinical psychologist and Joseph Catanzariti vice president of the fair work commission presented on how to manage Workplace Bullying. The seminar provided a unique psychological and a legal perspective on this difficult to manage problem. Keryl and Joseph are the co-authors of the book workplace … Read more

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International Women's Day

The Questions of a Quota System to See more Women on Boards

The theme of International Women’s Day 2016 is ‘Pledge For Parity’. It is a call to action for every man and woman to commit to taking a real step towards helping to achieve gender parity in whatever way we can – whether it is helping women and girls achieve their ambitions, developing more flexibility in … Read more

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