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Thank you!

“Thanks, but it was a team effort”: The art of accepting a compliment.

    I have always been a person who vehemently denies compliments and expressions of gratitude. On an honest, realistic and truthful note, I like many other people, thrive on praise. Praise helps me strive for better and motivates me to work harder. However, the fear of appearing as a cocky egomaniac has often paralysed […]

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How to (1)

Here’s how to tailor your resume and make it stand out!

    Tailoring your CV is about highlighting the parts of your resume that best fit the job description. It is important to target your CV to a particular role to stand out from the competitive market. Employers want to see how your skills and experience match the specific role they’ve advertised. Tailoring your CV […]

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In Conversation (5)

Game Changers: An In Conversation Panel

    On Wednesday 20th of September, Dress for Success Sydney held a panel discussion hosted by Prof. Larissa Behrendt, the Chair of Indigenous Research at the Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning at UTS. Each year, the charity organisation “Dress for Success Sydney” helps more than two-and-a-half thousand women in need, to get jobs. The charity improves the […]

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Friend or Foe? Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

Artificial intelligence is exciting in conceptualisation at its best but for some people in certain work forces, terrifying at its worst. With its potential for automating various jobs, roles and processes in most organisations it can both revolutionise the efficiency of a business and deliver services faster, but it also has the potential to devastate […]

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    Mental health issues and illnesses can affect anyone, regardless of their social background, age, race, ethnic origin or intelligence level. However, according to Bupa Healthier Workplaces, there are important trends of affect and industries that employers should take note of, mental health conditions affect an estimated one-third of employees working in the financial […]

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How to Use Language in an Interview

“Mastery of language affords one remarkable opportunities.” ― Alexandre Dumas     The words we choose in an interview are important. We only get to say relatively few to tell our entire career story so the ones we select must be worthwhile, impactful and poignant. As Alexandre Dumas alluded too, our choice of words are the […]

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