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Timely and Timeless Job Interview Tips from Quay Appointments

Can you recall your first job interview ever? Some people can, while for others, the image is a bit blurry. First-ever job interviews can either be memorable or forgettable because of right or wrong reasons. But, it is always a great learning opportunity even if you didn’t get the job. Today, there are thousands, maybe […]

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5 Things We’ve Learned Amidst the Covid Struggle

It’s been more than a year now of living with the pandemic right outside our doors. The struggle is indeed real as we witnessed Covid-19 caused massive upheaval across our entire operation here at Quay Appointments. As recruiters continue to push through, it is important to pay attention to opportunities to improve ourselves, to learn […]

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Witnessing Women Excellence Elevate the Workplace

Women excellence in the workplace is breaking down barriers that held so many female professionals back from reaching their full potential for years. In my many years in recruitment, one of the greatest things I witnessed and still witnessing is how women professionals impact the lives of so many people positively. I am very fortunate […]

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AU Employment Recovery: An Uphill Battle for Recruiters

Employment in Australia is seeing better days with jobs being recovered or reinstated. According to the latest figures on Australia’s labour force report released in January, nearly 13 million people are employed while more than 875,000 are not by January 21. Those numbers represent a 6.4% decrease in unemployment and 8.1% decrease in underemployment. Things […]

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Helping Millennials and Gen Z Employees Succeed in the Workplace

In 2019, Millennials and Gen Z professionals accounted for more than 30% of the global workforce. Throughout this decade, we’ll continue to see a rise in that number as more and more of these younger individuals join the workforce. Moving forward, it is important for organisations to recognise key accelerators and disruptors when managing these […]

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The Ideal Candidate

How would you characterise the ideal candidate? As recruiters, we’ve heard and asked this question many times. I’ve heard and read a lot of answers different from each other but always have something in common. Other people would be specific according to their professional and/or organisation preferences. Kind of like Bill Gates, Co-Founder of tech […]

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